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Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in Chennai

Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in Chennai
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A liver transplant involves a surgical procedure to replace a person’s diseased or injured liver with a partial or whole a healthy liver from another person (donor). 

If the liver stops working properly which is termed as liver failure, an individual has to approach the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai to get a proper treatment and can save your life. 

Why should you approach a Liver Transplant Surgeon?

When a person can’t lead a normal life without a functioning liver, it means they are prone to primary liver cancer or liver failure. This is where one should approach the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai because he/she will help you identify the reason for a liver transplant surgery as it can vary depending on the patient’s age and severity of the disease.

As a potential candidate transplantation, approaching the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai will be the right way to:

1. Evaluate and discuss your condition with you and your family members
2. Talk about the various and appropriate treatment options including liver transplant
3. Address your queries and concerns regarding the entire liver transplant procedure 

Also, the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai will find out, 

1. Whether you/ your caregivers are able to understand and follow the instructions which are given after your transplant. They need to ensure that you are mentally prepared for caring for a new liver.
2. Whether you have good support from your family members or friends to care for you before and after the liver transplant.
3. The best liver transplant in Chennai will also review your medical insurance and other financial resources to help you with the cost of the surgery, medicines, and care.

Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in Chennai

What are the pre-evaluation measures taken by the Liver Transplant Surgeon?

The medical tests are recommended for the patients by the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai to know how likely you are able to survive the liver transplant surgery, what are the other health related conditions or diseases you have, along with the causes and severity of the liver disease.

Rela MS Hospital is equipped with the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai to perform medical tests such as:

  • Physical exam
  • Blood test 
  • Urine test
  • tests that provide pictures of internal organs in your body, called imaging tests
  • tests to check how well your lungs, heart, and kidneys are working

If the patient is capable of the liver transplant surgery, the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai would provide information regarding:

  • The evaluation and approval process
  • The waiting periods
  • Placement on the national waiting list
  • Reasons of being removed from the national waiting list
  • How people are chosen for liver transplants
  • Surgical and recovery time
  • The long-term demands of living with a liver transplant, such as intake of medicines for the rest of your life

But if the patient’s health condition evaluated from the above tests ensures the body is not in a good condition to undergo the surgery, the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai will inform you that the liver transplant surgical procedure is not possible when certain medical conditions and illnesses make a liver transplant less likely to succeed. Some of the reasons may include:

  • Severe infection
  • Problems due to intake of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Cancer outside the liver
  • Serious lung or heart disease

The best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai utilises the cutting-edge technology, innovation and protocols to provide you with serious liver, HPB and GI conditions a new lease of life.

Liver Donor in Chennai

Liver donor in Chennai undergo rigorous health screenings at major hospitals like Rela MS Hospital, Apollo Hospitals and Rela Institute & Medical Centre. The process involves eligibility assessments, including blood tests and psychological evaluations. Donors can be living, typically family or close friends, or deceased through national registries like NOTTO. All donations comply with the Transplantation of Human Organs Act to ensure ethical practices. Post-donation, hospitals ensure comprehensive care and monitoring to support donor recovery.

The Best Liver Transplant Surgeon in Chennai 

Prof. Mohamed Rela

28 years of experience

Professor Mohamed Rela stands as a globally acclaimed liver transplant surgeon and is presently affiliated with Rela MS Hospital in Chennai. 

  • To gain further insights into the exceptional accomplishments of this leading liver transplant surgeon in Chennai, one can explore his remarkable achievements in the domains of liver transplantation and hepatopancreatobiliary 

Address: #7, CLC Works Road, Chromepet, Chennai-600044

Phone: +91 93846 81770

Prof. Mohamed Rela - Liver Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Magnus Jayaraj Mansard

17 years of experience

Renowned for his expertise in liver transplantation and the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer at Magnus gastro & liver clinic, he is located in Chennai and has made substantial contributions to medical research.

Address: 9/12,18th Ave, Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600083

Phone: +91 82967 91847

dr. magnus jayaraj

Dr. Aswin Krishna 

10 years experience

Specializing in Hepatology and Gastroenterology, he is a prominent liver transplant surgeon in Chennai at Dr.Aswin Krishna Liver Expert. His dedication to patient care makes him a notable figure in this field.

Address: 175, Big St, Police Quarters, Triplicane, Chennai – 600005

Phone:+91 99523 88103

Dr. Aswin Krishna 

Dr. Prakash Selvam

22 Years Experience

CTS Hospitals is acknowledged as a prominent liver specialist in Chennai, known for delivering compassionate patient care. 

  • With vast experience and expertise, he excels in diagnosing and treating various liver diseases.

Address: 4th Main Rd, V Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600040

Phone: 044-46330000, +91 94980 33340

Dr. Prakash Selvam

Why relams hospital ?

  • Prof. Mohamed Rela is the pioneer for having performed more than 4000 liver transplantation and hepatopancreatobiliary surgical procedures.
  • This best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai is remarked in the Guinness book as the first Indian surgeon for having performed a successful liver transplantation on a 5-day- old-girl.
  • He is the talented and the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai for having performed the youngest successful liver transplant surgery on a 1-month-old baby 
  • The vast expertise in the medical field for about 3 decades has made him the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai to handle his patients who are affected with liver disease using a holistic approach with an access to cutting-edge technology along with his team of caring medical professionals.
  • The innovative medical technologies used by this best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai has given the highest success rate in delivering best liver transplant outcomes as par the international standards. 
  • The liver transplant cost is comparatively high in India but this best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai provides a comprehensive liver treatment with his team of dedicated doctors, and paramedics making it economical for the patients compared to the other liver transplant doctors in Chennai.
  • He ensures to use the state-of-the-art modular operating theatre technologies which is specially designed to control, manage and regulate blood flow which is so crucial for this best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai to create success stories in liver and laparoscopic surgeries, and HPB Surgeries.

At Rela MS Hospital, Prof. Mohamed Rela, the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai  and his team of highly talented and skilled professionals will work cohesively throughout the transplant process to give a seamless experience to the patient as much as possible. 


Finding the best liver transplant surgeon in Chennai requires thorough research and consideration of various factors such as experience, expertise, success rates, patient reviews, and hospital facilities. Chennai, being a hub for medical tourism and healthcare excellence, offers several highly skilled liver transplant surgeons renowned for their proficiency in the field. By carefully evaluating these factors and consulting with medical professionals, patients can make informed decisions to ensure the best possible outcome for their liver transplant surgery.

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