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Kidney Hospitals in Chennai

A kidney/ renal surgery or transplantation is the transplant of a kidney done to a patient who is at the end-stage of the kidney disease. The patients suffering from kidney diseases always require superior quality care, hope and guidance. Typically, the kidney hospitals in Chennai classify the living donor or deceased donor depending on the source of the donor organ.

Rela MS, the kidney specialist hospital in Chennai performs the kidney transplant regardless of the age of the patient who requires the renal transplantation. If a patient has a general health status to withstand the major operation, the chances are more for transplant success and the patient should also be aware and willing to comply by taking immunosuppressant medications to prevent rejection of the new organ by their body’s immune system after the transplant.

The Department of Kidney Surgery 

The Department of Kidney Surgery/ Nephrology in this kidney specialist hospital in Chennai includes (nephrologists) who are specialists in kidney diseases along with experienced paramedical personnel to treat patients with comprehensive care and compassion in an ideal environment to ensure that patients get the state-of-the-art, innovative diagnostic and treatment facilities in a coordinated fashion.

Our eminent team of kidney transplant nephrologists, specialists, urologists, technical expertise and medical staff in this kidney hospitals in Chennai offer benevolent care to the patients across all categories ranging from young to old across the spectrum of acute and chronic kidney diseases to meet the challenges in conducting multiple life-saving procedures.

Moreover, we provide dialysis service driven by an efficient team of certified haemodialysis technicians, registered dieticians, nephrologists and nurses. Peritoneal, short daily, nocturnal and haemodialysis are provided to both children and adults mostly in these kidney hospitals in Chennai. 

Causes of end stage renal disease

These are listed as the common causes of end stage renal disease 

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis
  • Recurrent infection – chronic pyelonephritis
  • Systemic hypertension
  • Long standing renal stone disease
  • Genetic kidney disease – Primary hyperoxaluria, ADPKD.
  • Congenital kidney diseases – developmental abnormalities.

Preparing for kidney transplant in Chennai

Series of tests and examinations are done at Rela MS Hospital to confirm the patient’s suitability for a kidney transplant. These include:

Recipient Testing

  • Testing the blood group
  • Tissue cross match between donor and recipient 
  • Tests for hepatitis B, C and HIV
  • Prostate exam (for men)
  • Pap smear and Mammogram (for women)
  • Lung and heart exams
  • Blood vessel study of recipient
  • Complete blood test – Kidney, Coagulation profile and Thyroid and liver function test

Donor Testing.

  • Testing the blood group
  • Heart and lung exams
  • USG Abdomen
  • DTPA –to assess individual kidney function
  • Renal Angiogram
  • Complete blood test – Kidney, Coagulation profile and Thyroid and liver function test

Interventional radiology procedures

Some of the interventional radiology procedures in the kidney hospitals in Chennai include:

Special Clinical Services

We at Rela MS hospital, take pride in our team’s efforts to achieve successful outcomes for our patients. We ensure patients’ satisfaction and comfort through these special clinical services in this kidney hospitals in Chennai.

  • Consultation of outpatients on all working days
  • Expert and renowned renal transplantation surgeons
  • Round the clock emergency services available 
  • Routine CAPD program (Home dialysis)
  • Cutting-edge medical infrastructure
  • Fully-equipped dialysis unit with 24 hours patients care provided by trained dialysis technicians and doctors
  • Separate inpatient special and general wards in in this kidney hospitals in Chennai
  • Separate dialysis machines for seropositive and seronegative patients
  • Separate dialysis machines for HBsAg-positive and HCV patients
  • Comprehensive total kidney care for paediatric and adult patients in this kidney specialist hospital in Chennai
  • Kidney transplantation programs for live donor and cadaveric
  • Most-advanced diagnostics, comprehensive dialysis support and pre-operative evaluation with the latest facilities available in the surgical procedures
  • Complete and focussed post-operative care for the patients to minimize chances of infection using cutting-edge treatments in this kidney specialist hospital in Chennai
  • Clinical outcomes on par with international standards for kidney transplant procedures

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