Emergency and Trauma


The best hospital for emergency

Rela MS hospital provides emergency and trauma care with the best health services for critically ill patients, equipped  with talented medical professionals with a vast expertise to deliver around the clock to ensure that the finest treatment at its best in emergency care.


Department of emergency/ trauma care

In any kind of emergency, time is very crucial.  The care providers should understand the value of time and should be rapid and quick to take right decisions.  Any delay in time, or a minor mistake can cost the loss of life for the patients.


Comprehensive care at Rela MS hospital

Rela MS hospital is staffed with trauma physicians, surgical residents, emergency room physicians and nurses – all in readiness to respond quickly to any kind of medical emergencies with cutting-edge equipment such as defibrillators, ventilators, intravenous drips and administering lifesaving drugs.


What is spontaneous abortion?

Spontaneous abortion occurs among women which is usually a non-induced foetal death or passage of products of conception prior to 2 weeks gestation.  It requires a medical emergency as vaginal bleeding occurs during this condition.


The Traumatic  Head Injury

The traumatic head injury is a condition which involves temporary or permanent damage to the brain and other brain or head related issues. It can result due to a hard impact in the brain or head and is often associated with internal bleeding or swelling.If this condition occurs it is essential to seek for an immediate medical attention.


Heart attack Vs respiratory failure

Heart attack can be a serious medical emergency by which the supply of blood to the heart is usually blocked due to a blood clot.  Respiratory failure requires emergency and trauma care as it may be a life-threatening situation.


What are bone fractures?

Bone fracture is where the continuity of the bone is broken due to stress or high force impact.  The person requires a medical emergency in a best emergency and trauma hospital as he/she undergoes immense pain and trauma.


Causes of trauma

Most of the traumas can be caused by motor bike accidents or falls.  Very rarely people are a victim of shooting or stabbing.  Trauma usually results in an assortment of injuries affecting various parts of the body.


Features available at Rela MS  hospital

– Minor procedure rooms – Major operating rooms – Round the clock pharmaceutical services – Private examining enclosures – Well-equipped 24x7 providing excellent    laboratory and radiological services – An expert team of specialists in general – Round-the-clock pharmaceutical services    neuro surgery, orthopaedics, etc.


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